Beyond the Reaches of Fame
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I noticed with almost all the fan fics I read only a small handful have ever been written in the actual Beatles perspective. I once made a post about back in February this year to a yahoo fan fiction club, I am a member of to get opinions and they were all positive. By the time I actually got around to posting a story, however people started to take a greater interest in writing that way and my unique idea was gone. I know there were a few fics that predated my suggestion but most came after it. The story begins prior to the Ed Sullivan appearance and I have researched dates thoroughly so a lot of this is going to be historically accurate. In fact, as I write this, I have the Beatles Diaries handy along with the Beatles Anthology and The Beatles Chronicles. Paul learns the truth about fame as he grows form nave and carefree into a true adult seeking enlightenment in music and women. He struggles desperately to find a meaningful relationship with a woman as his dreams guide him along the way. As everyone knows, none of the Beatles are my actual characters only the way I perceive them. I will probably relieve a lot of criticism like Paul wouldn't think that or do this ect. I am in desperate need of a proofreader so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I am will to help exchange ideas or help you research stories you might be righting in exchange for this monstrous job.

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